Specialisaties gewrichten Orthopedie Roeselare

Het team orthopedisch chirurgen ontfermt zich over de behandeling van de gewrichten: heup, knie, voet en enkel, schouder, elleboog, hand en pols, wervelzuil, alsook kinderorthopedie.


Treatment for disorders of the joints

The orthopaedic team of surgeons at Orthopedie Roeselare can provide treatment for your joints. Are you suffering from painful or stiff joints? Do you suspect you have rheumatism or osteoarthritis? Our orthopaedic centre can provide you with customised treatment for complaints, pain or disorders involving the:



Each surgeon on our team has his/her own speciality in order to provide you with specialist care for your orthopaedic problem. Orthopedie Roeselare can provide treatment for your joint complaints.

Make an appointment with one of our 15 orthopaedic doctors to receive treatment for your painful or stiff joints.