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Want to know more about your elbow complaints? Do you have a tennis elbow, a pinched nerve and do you need an operation? Read more about it here - Orthopedie Roeselare

Elbow - Tennis elbow - Elbow replacement

Do you suffer from complaints, defects or pain in the elbow? Elbow strain is a common injury. Keyhole surgery or a prosthesis could provide a solution. Our specialist team of orthopaedic doctors are ready to assist you.

Possible diagnoses or causes of complaints concerning the elbow are: tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, ulnar nerve entrapment or other. Therefore, Orthopedie Roeselare can provide treatment for your elbow complaints. We can also advise you about inserting a prosthesis. Arrange a consultation or a procedure with one of our specialist doctors.


Video: Anatomy of the elbow:

This content was written by : Dr. Arne DecramerDr. Stijn MuermansDr. Karel Willems

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