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What causes the pain, tingling feeling or numbness in your hand or wrist and how can it be treated best? Read more about it here - Orthopedie Roeselare

Hand - Wrist - Carpal tunnel syndrome - Operation of the thumb

Do you suffer from complaints, defects or pain in the hand or wrist? You should definitely get it checked out: hands are extremely important tools in everyday life. Obtain advice from our hand specialists. We guarantee customised treatment.


From a trigger finger to carpal tunnel syndrome, to Dupuytren’s contracture, from thumb prostheses to complete reimplantation.

Therefore, possible diagnoses or causes of hand complaints and shoulder complaints are: carpal tunnel syndrome, a trigger fingerosteoarthritis of the base of the thumb, De Quervain’s tenosynovitis, Dupuytren’s contracture, among others. Orthopedie Roeselare can provide treatment for your hand or wrist complaints. Arrange a consultation or a procedure with one of our experienced doctors.


Video: Anatomy of the hand and wrist

This content was written by : Dr. Arne DecramerDr. Stijn Muermans, Dr. Jan Noyez, Dr. Karel Willems

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