Golfer's elbow, causes and treatment - Operation

What is Golfer’s elbow?

The same case of chronic inflammation can occur on the inside of the elbow. Inflammation is a reaction at the place where the different flexors of the hand and wrist are attached.

In some cases irritation of the ulnar nerve on this side in the elbow (cubital tunnel) is responsible for a strange feeling in the ring and little finger. This is examined using an electromyogram. Conservative treatment involving localised NSAID, anti-inflammatory physiotherapy, ice, infiltrations and bracing is proposed. If surgery is performed for this condition it also involves releasing the attachment position under loco-regional anaesthetic (of the arm). An immobilising bandage lined with wadding is also fitted and worn for two weeks. In some cases a cast is fitted. The total period during which the patient is unfit for work is similar to a case of tennis elbow (between two and three months after surgery).

This content was written by : Dr. Arne DecramerDr. Stijn MuermansDr. Karel Willems

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