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Your admission

Arranging your admission

Admission is normally arranged after a consultation has taken place. In exceptional cases the secretariat may telephone you to arrange the necessary administrative formalities by phone. You will always be clearly informed of the date and location of your admission. The time is only communicated one day in advance, once the full operating schedule is known. This allows your waiting time in the hospital on the day of the operation to be minimised.

Choice of room

Your choice of room is booked when the admission arrangements are made. There are single (private) rooms and rooms for two persons. The department may apply a supplement for a single (private) room. Some insurance policies will also reimburse this supplement. If necessary, you can ask your health insurer about this matter.


The same visiting hours apply at all the campuses: in the afternoon between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. We recommend you only to allow brief visits: your post-operative rest and recovery are paramount.

Being discharged from hospital

When you are discharged from the hospital you will be given all the necessary documents and appointments. A letter for your GP, prescription for the physiotherapist and home care, and post-operative check-up with the doctor. If required you will also receive a post-operative questionnaire that you must fill in and bring with you to your check-up, during which it will be discussed. When you have been discharged from hospital make an appointment with your GP. This means your GP knows you are back home. He or she can arrange a check-up with you for the care of the wound and write the prescriptions for post-operative medication for the pharmacy. The post-operative policy is clearly stated in the discharge document.

Post-operative recovery after admission

On the one hand the post-operative recovery concerns the wound healing and rehabilitation with physiotherapy on the other. Wound care is usually performed by a home care nurse, supervised by your GP. If you have any doubts it is best to contact the doctor via the secretariat. Post-operative physiotherapy may be performed at your home or at a physiotherapist’s practice. The latter is our preference since it provides more options. You could visit a private physiotherapist or attend the hospital’s rehabilitation department as an outpatient. It is also very important that you perform the exercises at home on your own. For more information about specific rehabilitation: please refer to ‘explanation about procedures and diagnoses’

Rehabilitation centre

In some cases after certain operations, especially concerning joint-replacing prostheses, it is decided that the patient should continue his/her rehabilitation in a rehabilitation centre after the hospital stay. This decision is always made in consultation with the patient, the doctor and the senior nurse, based on the expected post-operative recovery and the patient’s circumstances at home. It is best if this is discussed properly in advance.