Recovery after a knee operation - Complications

Recovery of the knee

One extremely important part of the treatment for orthopaedic problems is physiotherapy and exercise therapy. Muscle strengthening and movement is indispensable for achieving a good functional result. Some orthopaedic conditions can be completely resolved solely with an exercise programme. Physiotherapy is often used pre-operatively to guarantee successful post-operative results. During the post-operative phase there are also specific exercise programmes to complete the recovery process in a way that is as safe and trouble-free as possible.

The doctors at Orthopedie Roeselare work very closely with the physical medicine and rehabilitation department as well as with physiotherapists that have a practice outside the hospital.

This content was written by : Dr. Paul GunstDr. Thomas LuyckxDr. Lieven MissinneDr. Jan NoyezDr. Peter StuerDr. Alexander RyckaertDr. Luc Van den DaelenDr. Philip Winnock de Grave

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